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Private Limited Company Registration in Mumbai

Overview of Private Limited Company Registration in India

In India, forming a private limited company is one of the most recommended ways to launch a business. This sort of corporation provides its shareholders with minimal liability and places ownership limits. Partners are the owners and managers of an LLP. In private limited business registration, directors and shareholders may be different.
GSTe-Services, your dependable legal consultant, offers an economical company registration service in India. Here, you may discover how to register your business. As specified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, we take care of all legal formalities and ensure compliance. After the company registration process has been approved, you will obtain a Certificate of Incorporation (CoI) along with your PAN and TAN. You can now open a checking account and commence business operations.

Advantages of Limited Liability Company Registration in Mumbai

registering a business gives numerous advantages. A registered business enhances the credibility of your enterprise. It benefits your company:
• Protects against personal liability and other risks and losses
• Draw in additional clients
• Facilitates the acquisition of bank loans and quality investments from reputable investors; • Provides liability protection to safeguard the company's assets
• Increases the capital contribution and the stability of the business • Enhances the possibilities for growth and expansion

Checklist for Private Limited Company Registration in Mumbai

As stipulated by the 2013 Companies Act, we must ensure that the requirements of the check list are met.

A limited liability company must have at least two and no more than fifteen directors. A minimum of one director of the organisation must reside in India.

AUnique Name

Your company's name must be distinctive. The proposed name should not be identical to any existing Indian companies or trademarks.

There is no minimum capital contribution requirement for a business. A company's authorised capital must be at least 1 lakh rupees

Registered Office: A company's registered office need not be a commercial space. Even a rented residence can serve as the registered office, so long as the landlord grants permission.

Why do you need GSTe-services - Mumbai?

The entire procedure of registering a limited liability corporation can be completed online, so you don't even have to leave your house. We complete the registration process within fourteen days at GSTe-services.

The GSTe-Services company registration package consists of the following: DIN and DSC for two Directors
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Registration fees and stamp duty
  • Company incorporation certificate
  • Company PAN and TAN

This will get you well on your road to founding your own limited liability business. It is essential that you talk with professionals and make the best selection for a more efficient expansion.

The Glossary Modification

Additions, deletions, or modifications to the current terms of a domestic corporation's articles of incorporation.

Committee of Directors

The shareholders-elected governing body of an organisation. The board of directors is responsible for selecting the officers and exercising general oversight and control over the corporation.

Document of Incorporation The name of the document filed in numerous states to incorporate a business. Often referred to as the articles of incorporation.

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a certificate issued by certifying authorities that allows you to sign electronic documents. As all documentation needed are electronic.

Dissolution of the DIN Director Identification Number

The statutory mechanism that terminates a domestic corporation's existence.


Constituting or forming a corporation in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLC)

A legal entity governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which it was constituted. In general, limited liability companies can offer the limited liability of corporations and the pass-through taxation of partnerships.

Personal Liability Limits The protection provided to shareholders, limited partners, and members of limited liability companies against the debts and claims of the company.

Reservation of

A method that grants a corporation exclusive use of a corporate name for a set time period.

Registration office

The official address of a company. In states requiring the appointment of a registered agent, the address of the registered agent is typically required.

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